It shouldn’t surprise you that I spend a lot of time and money in Michael’s. There are people who I’m not allowed to go shopping with because it will inevitably end with me starting a new project. Or leaving with a bag full of yarn. However I still make almost weekly trips into town to wander through and get inspired to do new things.

When I was there the other day I was looking for candy melts so I could make cake pops (which I ended up not making) and instead discovered that their candy melts now come in Cheesecake and English Toffee. YUM!!IMG_20170212_1746592

I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I wanted to make some fun little candies for my husband before we took off on our longest business trip of the year. I wanted to bring them with us, but they didn’t last that long.

We are currently one week into a five week trip through the beautiful but freezing Canadian Prairies. I commented on the snow in Calgary, where we currently are and someone asked if I was really surprised.

“Calgary is basically a snow globe.” Which I know, because I lived here for 8 years as a teenager.

Back to the candies.IMG_20170212_1804202

This is super super easy, and I’m excited to try a few other things with it when I get home. But for now, let me show you the basics.

Get a silicone candy mold. Mine is a Wilton individual brownie pan, so it has 24 little squares. I also have little round ones, and saw hearts and different shapes at Michael’s as well.IMG_20170212_1748477

Make a thin layer of sprinkles on the bottom of each square.IMG_20170212_1800085

Melt your candies in the microwave. Stir every 30 seconds until they’re all melted. Pour about a tablespoon of melted candy into each little square.IMG_20170212_1804041

I decorated the tops with heart candies and some chocolate non parallels.

Put them in the fridge until they set up. You can also let them sit on the counter, but it takes a lot longer that way.IMG_20170212_1931168

Pop them out of the silicone mold and enjoy!

It is such an easy process that you can do it anytime you feel like. They make great little gifts and can easily be made while the baby naps.IMG_20170212_1932358

I even have a microwave in my hotel room so if I feel like it, I can make them on the road! Although my husband informed me he wasn’t a big fan of the English Toffee flavour (he’s wrong, they’re amazing!) I know that they also come in white and dark chocolate, and milk chocolate at Bulk Barn.

You can also decorate them any way you want. Swap out the sprinkles on the bottom for the ones that look like snowflakes or stars, or even coloured sugar or a coloured candy melt.

I’ll be sure to do another post with some other ideas for how to make fun little candies for different events.


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