Last week’s post got me thinking about how much I miss soaking in the tub. Alone. Because of my work I travel quite a lot, thus the “on the road” part of the blog title. I love the big, luxurious hotel bathtubs, often made for two people and with jets. But I often end up not getting to use them because I’m working, or taking care of Sam.

So today I’m making bath salts and bath bombs on the off chance that I can convince my husband that I should be able to lock myself in the bathroom for an hour this weekend and he should watch the baby. If not, I’ll just have to wait until Sam goes down for a nap.

Bath salts are super easy, and everything you add to them is just to make it more relaxing or purifying. There’s no exact recipe so it’s up to you what you feel like adding. However, the two best additives to make your bath more purifying are baking soda and green tea.img_0015

I start with about a cup of Epsom salts, the kind you buy at the drug store in a big bag. If you plan on adding to it, don’t get a scented bag. I find the scents already included pretty overwhelming, so I try and go for unscented all the time.img_0017

Then add in about ½ cup or more of baking soda. Baking soda helps pull the toxins out of your skin and can help if you think you’re coming down with something. I haven’t gotten to take a bath while sick, but I would compare the feeling of getting out of the bath after using this recipe to the end of a really good Hot Yoga class.img_0018

Next add in eucalyptus essential oils and green tea. I used white tea this time, but green tea is much better for a detox bath. I have used good stuff from David’s Tea, and I have used cheap stuff from Walmart. Both work fine, just whatever you have. Green tea is both detoxifying and regenerating.img_0019

To get the most out of a detoxifying bath, run the water as hot as you can comfortably handle, pour in half the salt mixture and soak for at least half an hour. If you feel light headed, get out earlier. When you’re done, be sure to drink lots of water!

If you just want to have a relaxing bath, start with 1 cup of Epsom salts.

Add in ¼ cup baking soda, this makes it a little fizzy but not as strong.

Add in an essential oil of your choosing, personally I like peppermint, lavender or chamomile. You can also add in a complimentary tea (peppermint with peppermint, chamomile with chamomile, ect).

Run the bath water warm, but not super-hot. If possible, follow up your bath with a glass of wine.


If you feel like getting fancy, or making gifts for family, you can also make your own bath bombs. A couple years ago I made my mom a “spa in a box” with all homemade bath stuff. She loved it and it was really easy.img_0016

One of the best recipes I found when I made them for my mom came from here because the recipe is for 1 bath bomb.

You start with:

2 parts baking soda

1 part citric acid

1 part Epsom salt and

1 part cornstarch. (For one bomb, each part is about a tablespoon. If you wanted to make more, or bigger ones, make 1 part equal a cup)

img_0020Mix all the dry ingredients together. Add ⅓ part (about 1 tsp) of oil mixed with essential oils. I find Sweet Almond Oil or Coconut oil works best, but you can also use canola or olive oil.

If you want them to look really pretty add a couple drops of food colouring. Like the sugar scrubs last week, they won’t stain your skin, just look pretty.

img_0021Mix everything together and press into either a mold or a large muffin tin (I’m actually using a small tupperware container). Silicon molds work great because it’s easy to get them back out after they’re done. Let them sit in the mold for a couple hours, or even overnight. When you pop them out of the mold you might lose a little bit, but that’s ok. Pack them air tight in a jar to keep moisture out.

When you’re ready, just drop it in the bath and enjoy the fizzy, relaxing sensation.


3 thoughts on “My Own Private Spa Night

  1. Everyone needs a bath once in a while. I also made bath salts over the summer, and I still have some left. I make bath bombs sometimes (because it’s hard to get citric acid) and they’re fun to make.


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