This last weekend threw a wrench in my blog plans for this week. I wanted to do a post about another really fun crochet project I found last month, but instead I spent the weekend sleeping off a nasty flu bug and got nothing really accomplished. On the plus side, I think I lost 2 lbs this weekend, although I’ve done cleanses that were more fun.

Instead, today I want to share some of my favourite sugar scrub recipes! Especially since after the flu I always feel like I need a spa treatment to get the rest of the sick out.

Two summers ago a girl friend and I did a craft fair. The intention was to go to farmers markets and other craft fairs, but the summer kind of got away from me and I ended up not being around enough to be a good business partner. One of the things we made and I still love using, is sugar scrubs. I have one in the shower and I use it before I shave my legs, so now I have pretty, smooth legs (that have stretch marks, but hey I had a baby).


I’m going to share three different recipes with you, each done a different way, but the nicest thing about this project is: There are no rules! You can literally play with the recipe until you find what works for you and then go from there.

You need a few basic things to start:

Sugar – White or brown

Oil (coconut or baby oil work particularly well)

Essential Oils

A cute jar to put it in

And that’s it! Mix it up until it looks and feels smooth, put it in a jar and enjoy.

Alright, I’ll get a little more technical than that. Here are my three favourite scrubs.

  1. Sunshine Citrus Scrub

Pour about a cup of sugar into a clean bowl.img_20170110_1950121

Add about ½ cup melted coconut oil and stir until incorporated. It won’t be perfectly smooth, but not clumpy either.img_20170110_1951197

At room temperature the coconut oil will solidify again, but it gets nice and melted in a hot shower.

Mix in 6 drops of orange essential oil, and 6 drops lemon essential oil.

You can also mix in a couple drops of food colouring. It won’t stain your skin, the oil actually protects you from it, just don’t add a lot.img_20170110_1957571

Pour into your little jar and enjoy!


  1. Wake Up Coffee Scrub

Start with about ½ cup brown sugar and add in about ½ cup ground coffee. I have a grinder because I have an espresso maker, but you could use store bought coffee or fresh ground from Starbucks.img_20170110_2002275

Add about ½ cup melted coconut oil and stir until smooth.

Add 10 drops orange essential oil for added wake up power.

This one is nice because coffee has some really nice effects on your skin. On top of that, it feels amazing and you end up smelling like a latte.img_20170110_2004031


  1. Peppermint Cloud Scrub

Start with your cup of sugar.

This time add in baby oil until its smooth. Baby oil is also great for your skin, same as it is for baby. Luckily Sam’s skin is pretty much perfect, but since mine is not I often end up using his baby oil.

Add in a couple drops of peppermint essential oil and enjoy! This one is great for using before shaving. I find coconut oil sometimes coats my razor and I spend a lot of time cleaning it back out of the blades.


Now that you have the basics you can run with it! Mix whichever scents you enjoy with whichever type of oil or sugar you prefer. Use them when you wash your hands or in the shower. I don’t recommend putting it on your face, although I haven’t personally tried it.

Oh! Bonus scrub for the guys.

Mix sugar with body wash or dawn dish soap and tea tree oil to create a scrub that guys appreciate. I made one for my step dad, a welder, and he loved it. We teasingly call it “Beast Mode”.

Using Dawn means it has a bit of a degreaser and can help with dirty hands after a day in the shop. You could use it too if you’re into working on cars, or out in the garden, on your bike, ect.



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